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Pages tagged "Media Release"


Small scale bee keepers in NSW must not be left out of any Government compensation as Varroa Mite spread worsens

Small scale and hobby apiarists must be included in any compensation plan for Varroa mite infestations in NSW and not just the large scale commercial operators and agribusiness. Non-commercial beekeepers provide vital pollination services throughout NSW and often at personal cost and should be supported by any Government grant that...


Vegetation changes in NSW point to an out of control land clearing agenda in NSW

Alarming new data shows that the NSW Government has lost control of land clearing in NSW with the annual clearing rates up 47% since the introduction of new land clearing codes in 2017. More than 500,000 hectares of land clearing was approved by the Liberal National Government between 2017 and...


National Parks are under threat and the NSW Budget aims to spend big on infrastructure without investing in environmental outcomes

NSW Greens MP Sue Higginson has called on the State Government to invest properly in National Parks instead of spending big on infrastructure that does little to protect and build these important sanctuaries. 


Instability caused by coal and gas failures cannot be fixed by giving them more money

Greens MP Sue Higginson has blasted a plan to give out more money to operators of ageing and dangerous fossil fuel power plants following the announcement this morning from the Energy Security Board (ESB) that coal and gas power plants are included in the draft capacity mechanism to ensure stable...


Land and Environment Court imposes fines and costs totalling $285,600 against Forestry Corporation

The NSW Land and Environment Court has found the Forestry Corporation guilty of the unlawful logging of precious rainforest and the logging of koala habitat in Wild Cattle Creek State Forest. The Court found these offences caused actual environmental harm, particularly to koala habitat.