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Tell NSW Labor: repeal anti-protest laws

It's time to repeal NSW's anti-protest laws

    Tell NSW Labor: repeal anti-protest laws

    We live in a democracy and we all benefit from the hard-won rights, freedoms and environmental protections that were achieved through peaceful protest and non-violent civil disobedience. 

    But this is not reflected in NSW. Draconian anti-protest laws pushed through Parliament by the Liberal National Coalition and supported by NSW Labor treat peaceful protest and non-violent civil disobedience as something that should not be tolerated as they are an inconvenience and disruptions to profits, politicians, and police. The laws are anti democratic and are a dangerous slow creep towards authoritarianism in NSW. Protesters should not face tens of thousands of dollars worth of fines or years in prison for taking action for a better world.

    The anti-protest laws have been used to punish trade unionists, peace and civil rights activists and climate warriors. Last year two courageous Knitting Nannas challenged them in the Supreme Court, which resulted in the finding that the NSW anti-protest laws are in part unconstitutional because they impermissibly burden the freedom of political communication! They are bad laws, they are a threat to everyone who has ever taken direct action for justice and they weaken our democracy.

    We have an opportunity to throw them out for good.

    Right now, the NSW Labor Government is undertaking a review of some of the anti-protest laws and they are asking the public for input. 

    Join the call to overturn the draconian anti-protest regime and enshrine the right to protest in law!

    I encourage you to personalise your submission with any of your own experiences of peaceful protest and civil disobedience that you care to include.