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Get the zombies out of the planning system

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    Get the zombies out of the planning system

    Property developers are taking advantage of legal loopholes to force through decades-old developments which are driving the extinction crisis, filling floodplains and causing pain in local communities. These developments are against the evidence of modern science, against modern environmental protection laws and against the wishes of local communities. 

    They may not like it, but developers should at least follow the law of the day, even if it changes. We can’t have long-dead development proposals haunting our communities forever. 

    There’s been a groundswell of incredible community action in response to these zombie developments - thousands of locals signing petitions, showing up to rallies and taking direct action. A movement is building to put the planet and people before the profit of property developers.

    Now is the moment to call on the Minister for Planning Paul Scully to shut these Zombie Developments down.