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Save Wallum Now!


    Save Wallum Now!

    Time is running out to save Bundjalung Land under threat in Brunswick Heads!

    Risky developments pose huge threats, not only to the land, but to the creatures who depend on these ecosystems to survive. If we are serious about addressing the climate and ecological crisis, we need urgent action to protect critical habitat and culturally significant sites such as Wallum.

    The Wallum development project is just one example of the danger posed by ineffective, greedy and myopic planning decisions being carried out across the state. The development, which has been consistently opposed by the community, threatens to flatten an incredibly rare stretch of coastal bushland, taking with it sacred cultural sites for the Bundjalung people, and some of the last remaining homes for  24 threatened species, including the glossy black cockatoo and the Wallum Sedge Frog. 

    In this climate and biodiversity crisis, proposals like the Wallum Development pose a critical threat to species who depend on these essential habitats to survive

    Developments like Wallum are catastrophic, not only for the environment, but for our communities and for the preservation of highly significant and invaluable to ongoing connection to country and culture. 

    If we have any chance at safeguarding our future, developments like these can not be allowed to continue. It has never been more urgent to take a stand and force the political will to follow suit with the consistent messages and demands of community groups on the ground.  

    We know people power works to stop these risky and destructive projects.

    Call on the Planning Minister now to demand an end to the Wallum development before it’s too late!