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Ensure Safe Passage for the Freedom Flotilla to Gaza

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    Ensure Safe Passage for the Freedom Flotilla to Gaza

    The NSW Greens have called on the Australian and NSW Governments to take any means necessary to ensure the safe passage of hundreds of aid workers bound for Gaza on the Freedom Flotilla.

    Currently, Freedom Flotilla Coalition members gathered in Türkiye are preparing to sail to Gaza where they will deliver 5,500 tonnes of humanitarian aid to the millions of displaced Palestinian's in the city's north. Theirs is an extremely dangerous and risky mission to deliver much needed aid and break the Israeli siege on Gaza. 

    Over 33 thousand people have been killed since 7 October, 90% of those are civilians. Palestinians in Gaza are on the brink of starvation, with over 80% of people reliant on aid that is being blocked by the Israeli military. 

    We must force the Australian Government to protect the Freedom Flotilla in its humanitarian mission. Abroad the flotilla are Australian aid-workers who must be allowed to deliver their cargo without interception or harm. We have seen what happens to aid-workers caught on the front-lines of this brutal catastrophe. 

    Our Government must take all steps necessary to ensure the Freedom of these brave folks as they attempt to provide much needed relief to the people of Gaza in the middle of a genocide. 

    Email the Prime Minister Now! We must protect the Flotilla!