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We demand stronger climate action and real climate leadership!

Send an email to the Premier and Minister for Environment now!

    We demand stronger climate action and real climate leadership!

    NSW is not even on track to meet our weak emissions reductions targets! We’re in serious trouble and we need the Government to wake up and act Now. 

    When they came to power, the Labor Government introduced climate laws in NSW but they set weak emissions reductions targets. Net zero by 2050 is too little too late, and will lock us in for catastrophic warming of more than 3 degrees Celsius. 

    Shockingly, we have just learnt we aren’t even on track to meet these weak targets. Rather than respond with an accelerated plan to decarbonise, the Government announced that it will be extending the life of our oldest, dirtiest, climate wrecking coal fired power plant! 

    We’re really heading in the wrong direction. Labor have not even declared an end to coal and gas, we are continuing to export coal like there is no tomorrow and there is still a massive pipeline of coal projects in the works. 

    We all need to do whatever we can to reduce our impact on the warming climate, but the Government holds the key to our success or our failure. 

    Join us and call on the Government to do more and to meet and beat our emissions reductions targets. 

    The Government must: 

    • End coal and gas by 2030
    • End public native forest logging immediately
    • Regenerate and Reforest our landscapes 
    • Build the protected area network to 30% of NSW by 2030
    • Get us to net zero by 2035

    It has been over 6 months since the Government introduced climate laws but we are no closer to meaningful change. The laws were supposed to establish the Net Zero Commission that is to be responsible for providing advice to the Government on how to meet our climate goals, but it hasn’t even been established yet. 

    Every bit of pressure matters. Start by sending this email telling the NSW Government that you will not wait, that we need climate action now and we need them to do more to protect us and the planet.