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The climate crisis is the biggest existential threat we face and burning fossil fuels is the driving force behind this crisis. The only way we can address this emergency is by ending our dependence on coal and gas and moving to a renewable, fossil fuel free future. We need to  keep coal and gas in the ground and invest in the renewable technologies that will power our communities. 

Renewables provided a record 68.7% of Australia's energy supply on 28 October last year! We can end coal and gas by 2030. 

We’re in a climate emergency, we must end coal coal and gas.

The NSW Government has approved at least nine new coal and gas projects since 2019. We cannot reduce our emissions and address the climate crisis if we continue to allow new coal and gas projects to go ahead. It is madness and it has to stop. Our communities, landscapes,  regional towns and cities have been smashed by floods, fires and drought. 

This cannot go on. We won’t survive.

We’re calling for:

End Coal and Gas by 2030

We urgently need to end coal and gas by 2030. We need to end the power fossil fuel companies have over our communities and politics. This addiction needs to end as we move toward a renewable future. 

100% renewables by 2030

By 2030 we need to have cut our dependence on fossil fuels and be fully powered by  renewable energy. We have an opportunity to lead the world in renewable energy, with an abundance of natural sun and wind resources. But this takes time and investment. We need to take action now if we’re going to achieve this.

A net zero by 2035 target

The science says that a 2050 net zero target is too late. We need to be net zero by 2035 if we want to keep our planet below 2 degrees of global warming. We cannot achieve a net zero target if we’re opening up new coal and gas mines and cutting down forests. To achieve net zero by 2035 we need to stop approving new coal and gas projects and a plan to phase out coal and gas completely.

A job for job guarantee to transition workers into new employment

Communities across NSW that currently rely on fossil fuel industries need to be supported into new opportunities that don't threaten our climate security. We need a job for job guarantee so that communities and workers are not left behind when coal and gas extraction is phased out.

This needs to be a long term plan that includes upskilling and training so that workers can move to new growing industries like the renewable energy sector or to work in mining projects that aren’t fossil fuels.


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We’re in a climate emergency, we must end coal and gas.

Add your voice to call for a moratorium on all new coal and gas projects.