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End Logging of Koala Habitat

Tell MPs to protect koala habitat from logging!


    End Logging of Koala Habitat

    Without forests, our Koala’s will not survive. We’re calling on the NSW Government to stop logging koala habitat by amending the Forestry Act to prevent logging in mapped koala habitat areas.

    Koala’s have lost 24% of their habitat in NSW since 2020 and for the first time ever this year they were moved onto the endangered species list. Meanwhile, the NSW Government continues to hand out forestry licences in koala habitats, plundering their homes and pushing them closer and closer to the brink.

    But together, we can put an end to this destructive practice.

    We’re calling on members of the NSW Parliament to support legislation that protects koalas from native forest logging. By emailing our representatives, we can show them that we care about koala habitats and they should too.

    We’re doing everything we can to protect our forests and our threatened species. But we can’t do it without you. You can help us by adding your voice to our campaign.

    Will you join us?