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Protect native forests

Tell MPs to protect native forests from logging!


    Protect native forests

    The NSW Parliament will soon debate the petition calling for an End to Public Native Forest Logging. This petition received more than 20,000 signatures and is part of the campaign to save our forests from the destructive and unprofitable logging of native forests here in NSW. The 4 things that the petition calls for are:

    1. Develop a plan to transition the native forestry industry to 100% sustainable plantations by 2024.
    2. In the interim, place a moratorium on public native forest logging until the regulatory framework reflects the recommendations of the leaked NRC report.
    3. Immediately protect high-conservation value forests through gazettal in the National Parks estate.
    4. Ban use of native forest materials as biomass fuel.

    You can send an email to the Members of Parliament who will debate these demands and ask them to support the calls for an end to public native forest logging so endangered animals like the koala are protected.

    Together we can stop the destruction of our forests and protect habitat from unsustainable industries!