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Greater Gliders on the Road to Extinction

Tell the Minister to act, and to protect Greater Gliders from extinction.

    Greater Gliders on the Road to Extinction

    Native forest logging in NSW is pushing threatened species towards extinction, and the Greater Glider has been abandoned by both the NSW Government and the Environment Protection Authority.

    Greater Glider populations plummeted by 60% in the 2019-2020 bushfires, causing the species to be uplisted on the threatened species list to being endangered with extinction in 2022. Unless we act now, they will be gone forever.

    Work by the community throughout 2023 showed that the Forestry Corporation was failing to adequately undertake pre-logging Broad Area Habitat Surveys. The loggers were skirting their responsibilities by surveying for Gliders–a nocturnal animal–during the day.

    The community recorded more than 12 hundred breaches before a dead Greater Glider was discovered near a logging area in Tallaganda State Forest in August 2023. It took a dead Greater Glider before the Environment Protection Authority decided to do anything to protect this threatened species from logging.

    In February 2024, the EPA and the Forestry Corporation announced new rules that were supposed to protect Greater Glider Habitat by requiring that surveys for den trees were undertaken when they were most likely to be found. This was considered a bare minimum response but was welcomed as a marginal improvement.

    Just 3 month since the new changes were made, the EPA, the Government and the Forestry Corporation have revealed that they never intended for the new rules to actually operate as advertised.

    After receiving hundreds of fresh reports from the community, that the Forestry Corporation were not obeying the February rules, the EPA announced that the rules would be changed again, not to protect Greater Gliders, but to suit the Forestry Corporation and to protect the ‘wood supply’.

    After decades of intensive industrial scale logging, the Greater Glider is now on the precipice of extinction. With the EPA turning its back on them, the Minister for Environment is one of the only people with the power to take the necessary action to halt this disastrous outcome.