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No Pilliga Gas Pipeline

    No Pilliga Gas Pipeline

    While the climate crisis worsens, the Premier has announced plans to fast track the Narrabri Gas project in the Pilliga Forest. This project has been described as a climate bomb. He has declared that one of Santos’ pipelines, which is essential to get the gas project off the ground, is Critical State Significant Infrastructure. This means Santos will not have to go through the ordinary process of assessment and the community will be shut out. 

    Multinational fossil fuel corporation Santos has plans for an enormous coal seam gas project in North West NSW that will cover 95 000 hectares, cutting across the precious forest lands of the Pilliga, Bibblewindi and Jack's Creek, poisoning waterways and destroying Gomeroi cultural heritage. The project also involves gas and pipeline development onto the Liverpool Plains, some of the most fertile food producing land in the Country, and over hundreds of kilometres of land through the Hunter Valley to Newcastle. 

    Climate disasters have ravaged our State and Santos’ Narrabri Gas project in the Pilliga will make things worse by emitting millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents over its lifespan. This cannot go on. The NSW Government has the power to stand with the Gomeroi people, farmers, Unions and communities and back in electrifying NSW, instead it is backing Santos’ harmful fossil fuel, money making, gas project. 

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