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NSW Government must stand up to bullies in gas industry to stop unacceptable coastal gas exploration

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Sue Higginson
NSW Greens MP
6 March 2023

3 February 2023 - The Federal Government has caved into demands from gas corporations to resume plans for seismic testing across 4574 square kilometres of NSW coastline under Petroleum Exploration Permit 11 (PEP11). The decision by the Federal Government to stop fighting against the exploration for gas just 50km from the NSW coastline means the NSW Government must recommit to opposing PEP 11 and work with their federal colleagues to resolve this dangerous gas plan once and for all.

Greens MP and spokesperson for mining, coal and gas, Sue Higginson, said “PEP 11 is an unreasonable and dangerous project that is universally opposed by communities from Sydney’s Northern Beaches through to Newcastle. The NSW Government needs to guarantee that they will do everything in their power to stop these gas bullies from ruining our marine environment, coastlines and our climate,


“The gas companies are threatening NSW and Australia with a gas shortage that they have created by exporting domestic gas overseas for massive profits. This project will do nothing to alleviate the energy crisis and if the gas is extracted and burnt, it will become a primary driver of worsening climate change disasters.


“Matt Kean needs to contact the Federal Resources Minister and demand that the decision to end this seismic testing is re-made in no uncertain terms so that NSW residents are released from this cycle of bullying by gas corporations,


“Communities that are most at risk from this project come from across the political spectrum and it is just as serious for the NSW Liberals to stand up for the Northern Beaches as it is for Federal Labor to protect their interests in Newcastle,


“The Greens have a clear and strong commitment at both state and federal levels that there must be no new coal or gas development and fossil fuel extraction and burning must come to an end. This commitment is supported by the science of climate change and the economics of much cheaper renewable technologies. The community backs and end to gas and governments need to listen to what is good for Australia and NSW,


“The gas led recovery to COVID was a scam perpetrated against Australia by gas corporations and the Federal Government needs to work with NSW to end PEP 11 and deny the bullies in the gas industry any more power,” Ms Higginson said.


profile image
Sue Higginson
NSW Greens MP
6 March 2023


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