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Forest wars find new battleground in Shallow Crossing State Forest, South East NSW

6 March 2023 - Young Indigenous woman Takesa Frank has today met the day suspended 20m above the ground in a treesit cabled to logging machinery in a bid to halt logging operations in Shallow Crossing State Forest. In late 2019, the Currowan Fire tore through the area and just...


Greens call for right to protest to be enshrined in law ahead of Cherish Kuehlmann bail hearing

1 March 2023 - UNSW educator Cherish Kuehlmann will appear in court today to challenge bail conditions set after she was arrested in the middle of the night by NSW Police last week. Ms Kuehlmann was charged with “aggravated trespass” under section 4B Inclosed Lands Protection Act 1901 - an amendment...


Greens respond to failures of NSW Government to reduce Aboriginal over-representation in out of home care

1 March 2023 - The Ombudsman’s report Aboriginal Outcomes Strategy focus area 2 (out-of-home care) – were the targets achieved? released yesterday reveals that the Department of Communities and Justice failed to reduce Aboriginal representation in out of home care and did not achieve any of its four targets set out...


Greens call for the NSW Government to move faster on expanding the protected area network to reach 30% of land and water by 2030

1 March 2023 - NSW must move faster on protecting land and water within an interconnected actively managed protected area network across at least 30% of the state by 2030. Just over 10% of the land area in NSW is currently included in the protected area network and we have the...