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Political Failure of Eraring Extension

    Political Failure of Eraring Extension

    NSW Labor have announced that they are commencing discussions to extend the life of Australia’s largest coal fired power plant, Eraring, beyond its planned closure of 2025, costing NSW taxpayers $3 billion and deepening the climate crisis. 

    Over the last few months we have seen weather patterns that have been alarming - July was the hottest month on record and communities across the northern hemisphere have been battered by climate induced extreme weather disasters. 

    Instead of accelerating our transition to renewables and charting a rapid path to net zero, NSW Labor is considering extending the life of one of our most polluting pieces of coal infrastructure. The leading energy experts, including the AEMO, agree - we don’t need Eraring. The money that will be spent on its extension should be invested in renewables, ensuring we have secure, reliable clean energy supplies. 

    This comes just after federal Labor has approved a massive new coal mine expansion in Queensland until 2073.

    We can’t afford to continue this Labor fossil fuel madness. We must transition to a clean energy future now. 

    Will you send an email to the Premier and the Minister for Climate Change?