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Planning Reform Inquiry - Have Your Say

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    Planning Reform Inquiry - Have Your Say

    We have the chance to tell politicians in NSW that we want thoughtful and strategic planning for the future of our communities

    We’ve just kicked off a massive inquiry into the NSW Government’s proposed planning reforms.

    Communities across the state deserve to live in well-planned towns and suburbs that include decent amenities, infrastructure, green spaces, education and healthcare facilities to better meet the needs of a community as it grows

    This vision will not be delivered under the NSW Labor Government’s planning proposals, which are being pushed through without proper consultation and don’t guarantee any genuinely affordable housing.

    The housing crisis needs urgent solutions that will deliver relief for everyone, but Labor’s plan will put vested interests above local communities, their safety, and the local environment.

    This inquiry is a chance to have your say about the future of our planning system and managing growth in our communities. 

    Every one of us should have a say in the future of the places we call home, and planning decisions should reflect this ambitious, shared vision. Development can be a consultative and holistic process that respects local residents and the local environment, while meeting the needs of a growing community.

    Politicians will be following this inquiry closely. Will you add your voice?