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Voters across Australia want bans on native forest logging

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Sue Higginson
NSW Greens MP
17 August 2023

17 August 2023 - New research that has been released by the Australia Institute today shows that a majority of voters from all major parties support bans on native forest logging in NSW. The results have been released as Labor’s National Conference begins in Brisbane where more than 300 Labor branches have supported a motion to end native forest logging.

“Native forest logging in NSW must end immediately and protection and transition arrangements put in place for the environment, communities, workers and industry,” said Greens MP Sue Higginson and spokesperson for the environment. “The majority of voters from all parties want to see the end of native forest logging in NSW, there is nothing left in the way for the State and Commonwealth Governments to end native forest logging,”


“Native forest logging in NSW is being subsidised by taxpayers to the tune of millions of dollars so that critical habitat for threatened species can be turned into wood chips and paper pulp. NSW is on the frontline of the extinction crisis and forest dependent threatened species like the Koala and Greater Glider cannot afford for us to keep logging our native forests. 


“Native forest logging is a carbon intensive activity due to the loss of mature trees that absorb more carbon than younger trees. The carbon benefits from ending native forest logging immediately in NSW alone are 76 million tonnes between now and 2050, these reductions are desperately needed if Labor wants to meet their emissions reductions targets.


“Logging operations that are underway in Newry State Forest right now are destroying critical areas of the Great Koala National Park that the NSW Government promised to establish. These logging operations are occurring despite community resistance and with no social licence against the wishes of the majority of Australians.


“The Labor Party has been handed this opportunity at their National Conference in Brisbane, to take a stand for the future and ban native forest logging. With Labor Governments across the country and public support for the ban at 69%, Penny Sharpe and Tanya Plibersek must act now to protect native forests.


Key report findings:

  • Seven in 10 Australians (69%) support extending native forest logging bans to New South Wales and Tasmania.
  • A majority of voters for each political party support an end to native forest logging in New South Wales and Tasmania.
  • Three in four Labor voters (75%) and three in five Coalition voters (58%) support the policy.
  • Support is highest among Greens voters (85%) and weakest among One Nation voters (57%).
  • A majority of Australians in every age group support ending native forest logging in New South Wales and Tasmania.
  • Support is highest among young Australians, aged 18 to 29, (79%) and lowest among older Australians aged 60 and above (61%).
profile image
Sue Higginson
NSW Greens MP
17 August 2023


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