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Protect the right to protest

    Protect the right to protest

    The violent engagement of NSW Police with peaceful protestors is escalating and it needs to end. Protest is a vital part of a mature and responsible democracy and the Government needs to act to protect this fundamental right.

    Draconian anti-protest changes to the law this year by the Coalition Government and Labor have empowered the NSW Police to target, intimidate and detain people involved in peaceful protesting and the arrest of Danny Lim is just one example of how dangerous this is. A 78 year old man was hospitalised after police slammed him to the ground in the middle of Sydney.

    We need to protect our right to protest and we need to have proper independent oversight of the NSW Police to protect people and our democracy.

    Will you send an email to the Minister for Police calling for change?

    Send an email to the Minister for Police Now